TLC Infrastructure

Over the last 10 years, the network has achieved a strategic value, becoming a key support for the business. With years of experience, SIME Telecomunicazioni aims to be a business partners in the design, implementation and ongoing maintenance of technological solutions.
All the customer’s demands are fully addressed:
- Request and acquisition in the name and on behalf of the Customer, for the approvals by the Entities that own the streets and the areas involved in the activities, preparing all the necessary forms;
- Planning and coordination of all the activities needed for the achievement of the technological infrastructure;
- Building of the infrastructure, identifying the most suitable processing technologies with particular attention to the non-invasive techniques with low environmental impact such as, for example, NO-DIG-guided drilling, mini-trench;
- Copper cables and fiber-optic laying using traditional posing technologies (cranes), and Jetting (air) and floating (water) technology, including the microcables laying;
- Splicing and termination of fiber optical and / or copper;
- Certification and testing of the network;
- Installation, commissioning and testing of the transmission equipment (DWDM, SDH, xDSL, GPON, IP switching, radio links).