Thanks to a continuous improvement of our engineers we can provide high level of service and of technical solutions, to achieve a complete customer satisfaction.

Over the last 10 years, the network has achieved a strategic value, becoming a key support for the business. With years of experience, SIME aims to be a business partners in the design of technological solutions.

The wireless solutions prvided to our customers are fully supported by the partnership with leading brands as Cisco, Enterasys, Meraki, D-Link, Mikrotik, SICE Telecommunications, Cambium Networks, Tiesse and Rukus.

The network convergence, the realization of low cost backup, the digital divide and the continuous increase of bandwidth demand, are today the ground for the development of the IT network of next generation.

SIME Telecomunicazioni in has been working for years in the design and the installation of security and surveillance systems, IP and analog video with implementation and the maintenance of security integrated systems.

SIME Telecomunicazioni provides to its customers a wide range of products in partnership with the leading brands of traditional and advanced telephony like UNIFY, Telenia, Alcatel, Avaya and Polycom.

The high level of specialization and the partnership with UNIFY, Voxtron Jabra and Telenia, allowed SIME Telecomunicazioni to provide complete call center and contact center solutions customized.