The network convergence, the virtualization, the realization of low cost backup,the digital divide and the continuous increase of bandwidth demand, are today the ground for the development of the IT network of next generation.

The stability of the technology infrastructure is supported by cabling solutions aimed at the development of all those issues considered as priorities for all the customers:
- Implementation of LAN solutions for the convergence on the same network of all services such as data, voice and video;
- Development of copper networks cat. 6/7 or fiber optic OM3 / OM4 to support the increase of bandwidth required by the modern applications;
- Realisation of supply systems that provide the same guarantees of Business Continuity and Green Power Management for a continuous and improved monitoring of the power costs.

In these areas, SIME Telecomunicazioni offers a wide range of solutions also thanks to a strong partnership with the most leading brands in the market as:
APC, Brand-Rex, RIT Technologies, TE, Connectivity (Tyco AMP)

SIME Telecomunicazioni, has a long experience in the design, implementation and maintenance of telecommunication networks of any size, thanks to the availability of certified and experienced staff on the highest level brands as Cisco Systems, D-Link, Extreme Networks, Fortinet, HP and Tiesse.

SIME Telecomunicazioni acts as a reference partner in activities like the following ones:
- LAN and WAN networks (of any size) management ensuring interoperability between different brands;
- Support onsite for Network Monitoring and Troubleshooting;
- LAN and WAN configurations’ development;
- Implementation of Wide Area Networks in VPN technology;
- Traffic analysis (network sniffing, netflow analysis, Cisco NBAR) to improve the network performances;
- Implementation of network security systems as a firewall (standard or UTM), RADIUS servers, IDS / IPS systems.